Hello, ChatBot Developers!

Today is a big day because Wechaty got a brand new Blog! ;-)

In the past half year, Wechaty growth from version 0.0.1 to 0.6.32. Today, it has dozens of pull requests, 100+ issues, 200+ stars, 1,400+ commits and 10,000+ lines of code.

The Worlds Smallest ChatBot

Wechaty is a easy to use ChatBot Framework which can help you write the worlds smallest chatbot. Maybe you are very interesting in ChatBot industory, or you just want to get your own wechat personal account robot, Wechaty will always be your friend.

The following 6 lines javascript code example will show you how does Wechaty work:

import { Wechaty }  from 'wechaty'

Wechaty.instance() // Singleton
.on('scan', (url, code) => console.log(`Scan QR Code to login: ${code}\n${url}`))
.on('login',       user => console.log(`User ${user} logined`))
.on('message',  message => console.log(`Message: ${message}`))

How to run this piece of code? Easy. Wechaty has a docker image which can help you put your bot on duty in seconds:

docker run-ti --rm --volume="$(pwd)":/bot zixia/wechaty mybot.js

mybot.js contains our source code in the above example.

See? death easy to use!

Last but not least

  • Check out the Chatie IO for more info on how to get the most out of Wechaty.
  • File all bugs/feature requests at Wechaty’s GitHub repo.
  • If you have questions, you can ask other developers in Wechaty Developers’ Home by scan belowing Qr Code and send the secret code: wechaty.

secret code: wechaty

Visit Wechaty Github: https://github.com/wechaty/wechaty/



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