AI, Wechaty, Angular, and mix them altogether in JavaScript

聊天机器人与 Angular

人工智能的发展带动了对话式交互领域研究的深入,以及随着移动互联网即时通讯工具的大众普及,Chatbot 的应用场景越来越丰富。如何基于现有的人工智能技术,构建一个聊天机器人?

Chatbot 的整个生命周期和传统的网页和APP产品有那些区别?ML GDE Huan 将基于自己对 Chatbot 的丰富实践,分享和展望这类新型对话式交互方式基于人工智能的未来发展机会。

The development of artificial intelligence has driven the in-depth research in the field of conversational interaction, and with the popularization of mobile Internet instant messaging tools, the application scenarios of Chatbot have become more and more abundant. How to build a chatbot based on existing artificial intelligence technology? What are the differences between the entire life cycle of Chatbot and traditional web and APP products? ML GDE Huan will share his thoughts on the new opportunities that Conversational AI can bring.

  1. Conversational User Interface (CUI) 介绍
  2. 人工智能发展回顾
  3. Wechaty 开源项目介绍
  4. TensorFlow.js 介绍
  5. Live Demo: 基于 Angular 通过 TensorFlow.js 对微信消息在浏览器中进行实时分析
  6. 20:45-21:00 互动问答



  • TensorFlow.js 布道师,Angular爱好者
  • PreAngel 天使投资人,专注 AI/Chatbot 领域创业团队和项目
  • 《Chatbot 从 0 到 1》《简明的 TensorFlow 2》联合作者
  • GitHub 万星开源 Conversational SDK Wechaty 作者

GDE (Machine Learning); Angel Investor

GDE (Machine Learning) and AI MVP. PreAngel Partner, Plug and Play Venture Partner in China. Active Angel Investor for AI Startups, Serial Entrepreneur with Strong Technical Background.



Source Code



Wechaty Token: apply a token from Wechaty Puppet Service Providers

You can apply a Windows / Pad protocol token from our puppet service providers:

  1. Apply Wechaty Puppet Service Token
  2. Wechaty Puppet Service FAQ
Create a Wechaty Puppet Service Token by yourself (DIY)

Copy the following shell script and then paste it into the term of your server, to setup your Wechaty token:

# learn how to DIY a Wechaty Puppet Service token at
export WECHATY_TOKEN=insecure_wechaty_puppet_service_token_diy

# Set port for your hostie service: must be published accessible on the internet
# Wechaty IO Client use this port to publish the Puppet Service

# learn more about Wechaty Puppet PadLocal at
export WECHATY_PUPPET=wechaty-puppet-padlocal
# get a 7 days free token at PadLocal official website:

export WECHATY_LOG=verbose

docker run \
  --rm \
  -ti \

Learn more: Puppet Service: DIY This guide will help you generate a Wechaty Token for connecting to the Wechaty Puppet Service.

Live Coding Explanation

We have four steps in our live coding, they are saved in four separate branches for easy loading and testing.

Step 1. ng new my-app

Branch: ng_china_2020_step_1_ng_new_my-app

npx--package @angular/cli ng new my-app
cd my-app
ng serve --open

Learn more from

Step 2. Wechaty

Branch: ng_china_2020_step_2_wechaty

npm i @chatie/angular brolog
import { WechatyModule } from '@chatie/angular'
  imports: [

  (heartbeat) = "onHeartbeat($event)"
  (scan)      = "onScan($event)"
  (login)     = "wechaty.startSyncMessage(); onLogin($event)"
  (message)   = "onMessage($event)"

Step 3. TensorFlow.js Toxicity

Branch: ng_china_2020_step_3_toxicity

npminstall @tensorflow/tfjs
npm install @tensorflow-models/toxicity

ng generate service toxicity

TensorFlow.js Toxicity Model

Learn more:

  1. TensorFlow.js models: toxicity classifier source
  2. TensorFlow.js toxicity classifier demo: This is a demo of the TensorFlow.js toxicity model, which classifies text according to whether it exhibits offensive attributes (i.e. profanity, sexual explicitness).
  3. Text classification using TensorFlow.js: An example of detecting offensive language in browser

The traffic light code is copy/pasted from this great tutorial: Stop in the Name of the Traffic Light


  1. TensorFlow.js Tutorials
  2. TensorFlow.js Models
  3. TensorFlow.js Demos
  4. TensorFlow.js Examples
  5. TensorFlow.js Gallery

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