I built a bot to deliver the daily paper about machine learning and fintech to the users.Considering the development of lowest cost, I chose wechaty. It’s so awesome that it only took me 10 mintues to make the bot work.


Before the bot work, I had really done a lot of work to crawl data and filter data, I won’t talk about the data here, just about the Wechaty!



My development steps with wechaty

  1. Watch the tutorial video.It took me 4 mintues.
  2. Copy the code in the video.It took me 30 seconds to create a file and paste the code in.
  3. Use the docker.I used the docker to run the bot, which protected me from the troubles of dependency problems.It’s so easy that just took me 10 seconds to know how to start.
  4. Run the docker.Actually, one line code is enough to run the docker.But downloading the image of wechaty wasted some time, which cost 4 minutes.
  5. Code the bot.I had prepared the API of the daily paper, so what I need to do is just wrote some codes to get the data from the API, which cost 1 mintues.(Using axios and async function also saved a lot of time).
  6. Test and Debug.It worked correctly, which cost 20 seconds.


I also added some functions such as automatic reply to the bot, which made our users more active in the group.

Some advices

  1. Just use the docker, which is so easy and can save a lot of time.
  2. Read the documents to know how powerful wechaty is.

Finally, I like wechaty, thanks to all the contributors of wechaty!


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